Sherwood at the Masquerade

Sherwood happened at the Masquerade last night. If you weren’t there, you missed a brilliant show.

They are definitely one of those bands you don’t skip. When a song comes up on shuffle, I’ll more than gladly allow it to play through. And am slightly disappointed that the song that’s supposed to come next doesn’t.

Of course, seeing a band live is not the same as listening to an album. Sometimes, live shows lose some music, just because of all the technology available to use in songs. Sometimes, albums just don’t have as much energy as a live show.

However, I do not feel that is the case with Sherwood. They’re fun to watch live and they’re fun to listen to on your iPod (or Zune, if more people have those yet).

They communicate with the audience very well. The attendance of the show was low. Which I hate (detest and loathe) for Sherwood. But they made the most of it. They kept the chit-chat between songs and did the appropriate flirting with the audience.

The best part is that what you hear on the album is what you get live (of course there are the occasional “yeah!”s and the like). They are not edited beyond recognition, but they’re not boring either. They make great music but still put on a great show.

Unfortunately, the opening bands were not as great (just my opinion). I didn’t necessarily dislike the bands (which I’ve forgotten about, except Black Gold), but nothing about them stood out. When you’re an opener, you must be special. If you aren’t, make the audience believe that you are. Make us want to look you up after the show. Be wonderful. Set yourself apart from the rest – in a good way.

One thing not to do, would be to have the audience clap along to songs THEY DON’T KNOW. Bad form, Black Gold. When an audience claps along to the beat, it’s usually to songs they know and like. If we don’t know you, don’t make us work! Not a good idea.

But I digress.

If you haven’t heard of Sherwood, look them up. Give them a listen and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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