ShiSho is a band that should have been in the Juno soundtrack. Honestly, I could stop there. That should tell you all you need to know about them. Described in every press kit as the love children of They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson, ShiSho plays quirky, intelligent and off-beat (personality wise, not musically) songs ukulele, accordion and guitar.

The best part about ShiSho is that it’s so playfully simple to listen to them. There’s no worry about the album versus live sound – what you hear is pretty much what you’re going to get regardless of the medium. They’ve mastered the talk-singing, indie-pop and upbeat style, leaving the lyrics with plenty of room to be quick and clever.

Don’t let the lyrics confuse you, though. Sisters Vivan and Midge Ramone are 16 and 13 years old. Then again, you shouldn’t let their ages fool you, either. ShiSho is not for kids, really. “The Dead Milkmen Song” (The Sisters EP) features some particularly adult lyrics about driving to a job you hate, meeting people you hate and that nagging voice in your mind:

By now I’ve become so dreadfully aware of a man inside my head, and he’s made his home there. 

What they also feature is comedy, so I would recommend taking the time to sit down and listen to the lyrics to find those phrases that seem to swish by in a flash. For now, the “man inside my head” line is still ringing in my ears. Check ’em out here on Facebook.


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