Silverbird – Pureland

Silverbird Pureland

Rock n roll has many different facades to the point where every band now has a unique style you can’t quite pin down. That’s where New York rockers, Silverbird land. 

The guys’ blend of prog-rock, vocals from space and infectious guitar licks make each track stand out, to the point where you’ll be surprised their album “Pureland” is the same disc you popped into the tray. That’s not to say Silverbird is all over the place; far from it, they’ve managed to take a genre and leave a unique impression on it. 

Tracks “Brooklyn” and “Emptiness” have a lot of groove and drive to them with deep bass cuts and precise guitar notes. Vocalist Tim Barr’s voice on these songs, and the rest on the album, is off in the deep cosmos of sound while the instruments stay grounded. 

With the cosmic atmosphere found throughout the album, and its similarly themed artwork, some tracks stand out by blending other genres’ sounds. “45” has the same crashing cymbals and bluesy strings one would find on a song recorded by The Black Angels. It blends cowboy aesthetic with hard-blues-rock, at times Barr channels Zeppelin’s Robert Plant with wails so impressive you can feel the head tilt. 

“Lyfe” is arguably closest to hard rock Silverbird gets on the album with very limited vocals but hard guitar riffs from Dan Whaley. There’s more of the same drive and groove found on other tracks, but on this one it hits a little harder and faster to break up the halves of the album. 

Other tracks like “Smile” and “Sunshine” show that the band has an indie-rock side to them as well with upbeat guitar chords and peppy drum numbers from Jacob Schuab. The drum breakdown on “Sunshine” coupled with the repetitive bass line from Corey Davis and Whaley’s distorted guitar makes for the trippiest and quite possibly the most head-bang worthy portion of the album before dipping right back into the indie flair from before. 

On the whole, “Pureland” has a little something for everyone, but if you’re looking for something to listen to on a star filled night driving down a back road, look no further.

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