Skittish – Two Legs Bad


I love being surprised by a band. When each track on an album is its own unique adventure, that’s when I get excited. Which is why the album Two Legs Bad by Skittish had me giddy with anticipation. Each track from the indie-pop band has its own complex sound and message, but all nine are incredibly thoughtful with in-depth lyrics and contagious beats. 

Skittish, formed in St. Paul, Minn.,was formed when the band’s spearhead, Jeff Noller, met classical pianist and vocal major Brianna Tagg. The two partnered their dark, weird lyrics and folkish sound with Jeremy Krueth (drums) and Lazarus Clearwater (bass) to create the unique sounds that you hear on Two Legs Bad

Track one, Regarding the Wolf, sounds a little bit like Queens of the Stone Age with reverbed instruments and megaphoned vocals. The track has all of the wild and free spirit of rock and roll that you could want and really enforces the desire to fist pump. It sets the stage for what you expect to be a killer rock and roll listening experience.  

That expectation is slashed, though, as the LP rolls into Shot in the Dark, the track that introduces us to the eloquent sounds of their female bandmate. Only someone with the voice of Brianna Tagg can make the lyrics, “I’m just trying not to fuck it all up” sound elegant. I think we can all relate to the lyrics in this 1950’s esque pop song. There’s always that moment of self-doubt, especially with the pressure of our society, that convinces you you’re going to mess up. It is truly one of the most brilliant three minutes and thirty seconds of the album and conveys beautifully how talented and clever this quartet is. 

And then there’s House Cats. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the gypsy-rock type of sound this track leads with. I can only imagine how sore Lazarus’ arms are after playing the percussion for this one. It’s as if Gogol Bordello suddenly became band manager.  

One thing this band really knows how to do well is melodies. Baggage and Swim Away, Little Fish especially have beautiful melodies that really portray the thoughtfulness that goes into each and every second of sound that Skittish produces.

The nine songs on this album really pack a punch. From the heavy, QOTSA inspired Regarding the Wolf,  to the haunting and thought provoking Meet Your Maker, the album is filled with curiosity and ambition. Two Legs Bad, self described by Skittish as an ode to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, takes you on an adventure that you’ll never want to end.

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