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Collaborations in music are usually exciting for everyone involved. The listeners experience something they may not have heard otherwise, and the artists get to stretch their artistic legs and that’s what we have with SLF & Co.’s upcoming collaboration album “No Beats in Algebra” from Milky Bomb Records.

Like Death Grips’ 2012 LP “The Money Store,” “No Beats in Algebra” focuses a lot on production while vocals take a back seat. The singers can still be heard on the songs and you can note their vocal strength, but this at its core feels like a more atmospheric album based more on the mood it elicits than anything catchy.

With that being said one track on “No Beats in Algebra” stands out for its outward vocal performance, “Deaf Kiwi Fruit (Remix)” featuring MCB on vocals. The other tracks on the album are more chill-wave, maybe even outrun style, but this track has loud snares, banging brass percussion and a distorted guitar sound with MCB spitting 16 bars over all that. It can come as a bit of a shock given the laid-back vibes on the earlier tracks, but it’s still an enjoyable song that stands out from the pack.

In the end “No Beats in Algebra” is an interesting take on what happens when you take a genre that is largely free of vocals and add them. The vocals add to every atmosphere SLF wants to add to each track and that alone is worth checking out the LP. The solid production, appropriate singing and delivery of each song make this collaboration well worth a visit.

“No Beats in Algebra” releases on November 18.

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