Sono Vero


If there was one sound of summer, it would be Sono Vero. If a boy band met a reggae band and decided to have some summer love child, it would be Sono Vero. This is the music for bonfires on the beach, driving down Highway 101 and various other activities you’d find in those ads begging you to visit Southern California.

Instrumentally in songs like “Give You the World,” this band sounds like your Sublime or OneRepublic – clearly inspired by reggae/ska rhythms and guitar riffs. Vocally, you’re sweetly serenaded by a boy band. These guys have smooth voices, maybe a little too soft for pure reggae, but still enjoyable nonetheless. This is easy, carefree listening that’s ideal for any kind of activity (just especially the ones listed above).

Basically, you’ve got a pop reggae band (less ska than you may be thinking – really want to emphasize the pop, here) with some rap verses thrown in just for good measure. Because how boring would it be to listen to a band that doesn’t meddle in multiple genres?

This is the music to add to your summer chill playlist. Actually, these guys should probably be the first song on that playlist. Roll the windows down and ride to Sono Vero.

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