SPLATT – Girls About Songs


The best songs are about girls. Green Day‘s “Maria,” The White Stripes‘ “Fell in Love with a Girl,” the list grows. Girls About Songs is the EP by SPLATT that takes some women who are special to the SPLATT family and immortalizes them through song.

These pieces range from being the head-over-heels in love feeling to being the reminiscing once it’s over songs. Songs like “Jennifer” have those pop hooks with lyrics like: Out with friends late last night/All that I could do/Was talk about, talk about, talk about you. The songs will stick in your head.

Aside from the lyrics, the songs have varying sounds that will keep you interested in what you’re hearing. “Rebecca” starts off minimal with vocals and a rhythmic guitar, but then kicks in with full on drums and vocal harmonies before minimizing again, yet not the same as the intro. SPLATT gives us bright tones, some distortion, a little synth and dancing piano lines. All of this comes together to make one cohesive album about girls.

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