Spun Intended – Learn to Love EP


Punk has come a long way (at least the subject matter has) in the 40 years since its inception and punk outfit Spun Intended have taken from the old school and mixed elements of traditional rock they call “Gonzo Rock” for their “Learn to Love” EP. 

The opening and title track of the EP “Learn to Love” starts off with a growling guitar riff that drives the song until the first chorus where the drums add a burst of electricity. It sounds like the kind of track Quentin Tarantino would use in a trailer for one of his movies. 

“Rage” takes a slower turn from the other songs on the EP. There’s still crashing cymbals and a crescendo of vocals and stringed instruments, but the kicker is the use of keys in the opening lines. It feels like something from a tropical setting, almost like first generation ska. The plucky guitars during the verses only add to this feel which is a welcome change of pace from the opening tracks. 

The EP’s closer “Better Off Blind” is a mix of both the ska sounds from “Rage” and the upbeat drums from “Learn to Love.” It starts off with similarly plucky guitar strings found throughout the EP, but instead of a buildup, it hits you over the head with fast snares and lightning hi-hats. 

At the end of the day, “Learn to Love EP” mixes the fast with the slow and creates a sound of punk, ska and a kiss of island happiness. It may not match the looming Fall weather, but who says you can’t have a beach party year round?

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