Strangely Alright – Paint Outside the Lines

Strangely Alright

Alternative Rock has many different faces and styles, but the thing that all these artists have in common is that they try to break the normal conviction. In come the five-piece from Seattle, Strangely Alright. 

In a blend of Weezer’s vocals, Pixies’ guitars and nuanced attitude toward music and some David Bowie flair. then you already know what to expect from the band’s latest single, “Paint Outside the Lines.” Singer Regan Lane delivers his vocals with thrusts intense enough you can feel the reverberations through your headphones. Sean Van Dommelen’s guitar is a unique blend of finger bleeding riffs and simplistic yet harmonic power chords. 

The hidden gem on the track is Raymond Hayden’s keyboard. It’s nestled into the track on the chorus and the bridge, but when you can hear it you get a sense that you’ve walked into Bowie’s palace by way of the 60s. It’s a neat effect and one that really should be used more heavily in the track than it is. 

“Paint Outside the Lines” is a solid single for the Seattle rockers and offers a unique style of 80s pop with 90s grunge coupled with the carefree attitude from that era. Strangely Alright is the kind of band that not only deserves radio play, but could transcend the independent and the mainstream.

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