Strangely Alright – Shake It

Photo: Bill Bungard

Seattle is known for genre defining and defying bands, and rockers Strangely Alright are no different with their blend of pop choruses and punchy guitars on their new single, “Shake It.”

The song features crashing cymbals and distorted keyboard on the chorus that sounds like something from a hardcore 80s synth band. It all blends together nicely with a few organ bars right before the chorus. For a song that’s really peppy and upbeat there are a surprising amount of layers here and thankfully they don’t assault your eardrums.

“Shake it, shake it baby show ’em who you are, shake it shake it baby, driving in your car,” vocalist Regan Lane shouts on the first chorus. Lyrics like these populate the whole song and help elevate it to the pop-rock sound the guys are going for. After two verses there’s even a guitar solo from Sean Van Dommelen that would be right at home in a glam-rock band from years past.

Clocking in at four minutes and 30 seconds, “Shake It” certainly isn’t going for a quick and dirty approach to the fun in their songs. Instead it sounds like the guys want to party with you, for a while, and with a track like “Shake It,” how can we say no?

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