Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean


The Surf Rock era came and went as quickly as the 50s, and while there aren’t many attempts at reviving the genre, English rockers Sugarmen and their new single “Plastic Ocean” have plenty of beach vibes for a new era.   

Clocking in at a breezy two minutes and 42 seconds, the song opens with some plucky guitar work and a drum beat rumbling from the jungle with clever tom usage to complement the bass line. The guitar solo toward the end of the song drifts through the ocean, then  rockets into space. Using echo effects that ripple throughout the solo, it takes this song from more traditional garage rock fare to something more progressive. 

The lyrics focus on moving with the motion of the ocean and how chemically imbalanced love is causing you to drift.  The first chorus kicks the song into a more fast paced frenzy that carries until the crescendo. With double sticking hi-hats, funky guitar riffs, an incessantly groovy bass line, and simply repeating “Drifting in the ocean,” the single steps on the gas and never really lets up until it’s over. 

“Plastic Ocean” by Sugarmen is both upbeat and chill at the same time. It comes from a galaxy far, far away, but carries catchy drum patterns and rollicking guitars with it. If you’re looking for a sound that’s a mix of garage, progressive and a splash of surf, look no farther than “Plastic Ocean.”

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