Suzerain – Identity


Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Pink Floyd went out to the Western United States to make their music for an atmospheric apocalypse? If yes, then Suzerain’s latest LP “Identity” is right in your wheelhouse.

From the first track “200” the album feels like it’s going to be something different – something that truly goes outside the box it was already outside of. What Suzerain have done is blend Prog-rock with experimental blues and atmospheric, almost ambient, sounds. “200” begins with gentle guitar strumming and a garbled transmission talking about the desert and balls of light. It helps set the mood of the LP which at times sounds like the soundtrack to a vision quest.

One track that stands out is the six minutes behemoth, “I Know You So Well.” With more ambient guitars and drums that putter around the beat and vocals from Thomas Pether that are smooth like a cigarette drag, this track just has so much flavor to it, it begs to be used in a neo-western.

The album as whole blends styles of prog-rock and acid rock as well as songs that hit a little harder in the blues camps like “Dark Dark” that it’s difficult to put into words what this sounds like. At times Suzerain sounds like Pink Floyd in the desert or Nine Inch Nails at a dive, but is always unique, making this one album that requires multiple listens with each time being a different experience.

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