Sykoya – Strange Night EP


Electronica can be something of a catch-22 in the music world. Have a sound that’s too unique and you can risk mass appeal, but make something more radio friendly and you become a carbon copy of Daft Punk or CHVRCHES. In step, Sykoya proves you can sound like a witch-house band without hitting every single trope and becoming cliché.

 The opening track “Closer” sounds like something an interpretive trapeze dancer would play during their act. Its pacing is slow and melodic with the first verse measured by a xylophone that blends well with the 808 drum beats that come in after the first chorus.

As with most witch-house bands, their talent and appeal majorly stem from the front-woman of the group, and vocalist Anna Marcella is no exception. Her voice can seduce you and haunt you at the same time. The title track “Strange Night” is perhaps the best example of Marcella’s talent as she coos, like your mom singing a lullaby, but on the verses she sounds like a puma lurking in the shadows waiting to attack. If you’ve ever thought about swimming at night and letting the water carry you around while listening to music, this is that song.


“Shiver” is a lot like “Strange Night” in that Marcella’s vocals are soothing but they can send chills down your spine. Both songs are dripping with atmosphere and are the antithesis of each other. “Strange Night” has Marcella as confident but sultry, then sounding more exposed on the chorus. “Shiver” is a lot more upbeat throughout, especially on the chorus with double-timing hi-hat sounds and a chiller vibe in the verse.

Sykoya manages to blend the Gregorian chant sounds of other electronica bands, while also making high tempo beats and picturesque vocals from Marcella. Whether you’re looking for more of the genre to add to your collection, or for something that strays from the beaten path or want to take that first step into the unknown, Sykoya’s “Strange Night” EP is a must listen.

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