Sykoya – Your Silence


Synth-pop trio Sykoya are back with a follow up single to their EP from earlier this year “Strange Night,” titled “Your Silence.”

Anna Marcella takes over most of the vocal duties on the single instead of a more balanced approach with synth player and fellow vocalist Joe Cross on their EP. Marcella croons and swoons on the song. At times she’s wailing like a banshee but other moments she sounds like a lounge singer whose words just spill out of her mouth.


There’s a repeated synth progression that sounds like something right out of the “Stranger Things” soundtrack that both fades into the background but then is brought back to the forefront. It makes the song sound like it’s weaving in and out of space and is on its own frequency only to be grounded by a subdued drum beat from Curtis Elvidge and Marcella’s vocals.

Overall this track is a little quieter and more ambient than their EP, but it shows the band’s growth over just a few months and that they can still make music within their genre and expand their sound. Marcella’s vocals are a welcome addition to any song the band releases in the future and now with six songs under their belt and a few shows set to perform, look for “Your Silence” and Sykoya to be on the up-and-up.

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