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The Broadcasts

The Broadcasts

Odds are if a band was featured on BBC Radio, I’m probably a fan. That rule applies here with The Broadcasts. They’re the kind of band that you want to scream-sing along to in your car, but also the kind of band that you toss in your ears while you’re studying or working. They’re acoustic, […]

Bent Jetty


Bent Jetty is self-described as an indie pop band. That characterization can mean many different sounds and can be difficult to pinpoint. However, when a band can encapsulate multiple takes on that description, you’re left with something that different parts of you can enjoy. A different song for a different mood is found in Bent […]

Richard Tyler Epperson – Hourglass


I love hard rock, pop/rock, pop/punk – just about anything that’s fast and loud. However, you don’t always need the soundtrack to inspire the argument you’re definitely winning in your head. Sometimes, you need a break. Thankfully, there is Richard Tyler Epperson and his album Hourglass is the soundtrack to your Sunday morning.