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Deep River Running


Deep River Running has that singer/songwriter and alt-pop feel. The duo is comprised of singer Nick Schinder and songwriter Jacqueline Doherty, so Schinder’s voice guides Doherty’s words to your hears. Though you never hear her voice, Doherty’s thoughts and poetry mix with your own with a sound brought by Schinder that’s like a not so […]

Friction Monster – Tantrum


Take the groovy, dancing guitars of the ’60s and ’70s, then pair that with the sing along ability of Weezer. Next, throw in some more synth and a constant, driving bass line. The end result is what we have found in Friction Monster’s album Tantrum. This is an album that gives you a mix of different styles […]

Lavoy EP


Listening to an album is like listening to a story. Listening to an EP is like listening to a short story. Listening to Lavoy’s EP is like listening to a short story that you wish would have been a series of novels. In three short songs, you get the idea, but you’re just left hoping […]