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PONCÉ – To Us, a Good Song is a Good Song


What’s more adorable than twin brothers getting together to write tunes and make music? Probably not much, which is why I’m so into PONCÉ right now. The duo based in Nashville are a Americana-rock band creating lovely lyrics and catchy beats. They’ve been busy creating tunes for their new EP but I was lucky enough […]

The Western Sons – Frontiers


A couple of buddies jamming together in their basement is the thought that comes to mind when listening to The Western Sons. Four friends – Garrett Carr, Tyler Cohenour, Blake Rigdon and Kyle Meggison – started playing together at the University of South Florida and slowly but surely discovered a sound that they felt represented […]

Joni Fuller – Everybody Says So

Joni Fuller

Americana is a genre that has burst onto the scene in recent years, but nobody has seemed to blend upbeat pop stylings with it… until now.  Joni Fuller and her new single “Everybody Says So” sound like Credence Clearwater Revival blended with today’s leading female vocalists. Fuller’s got ferocity and some sass in her delivery […]

Matt Langlois on The Welcome Matt, Matt EL and What We Can Expect Next

The Welcome Matt

Matt Langlois, otherwise known as Matt EL and The Welcome Matt, is an indie, acoustic rock artist based in San Francisco. His relaxed style of rock is great for the casual radio listener or live show, and is definitely a playlist must for the ride to anywhere.  This budding artist rolled out the welcome mat […]