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Indie Christmas Playlist


Spotify has a huge assortment of festive playlists. You can hear anything from LCD Soundsystem creating a Christmas tune to the classic Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Maybe you’re looking for something that will help get you in the holiday spirit but you’re not really feeling the usual classics that are on repeat in the shopping […]

The Living Strange – 2 AM Freak Show

The Living Strange

Los Angeles rock duo The Living Strange are bringing and old style back from the grave with a kiss of modern lips. Elijah Sokolow and Ben Shafrir are 16 and 21 years old, respectively and are merging the singing style of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, with the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the […]

Derek Johnson


Derek Johnson is a folk artist with a Bob Dylan vibe and a killer sense of humor. The Nashville artist has the complete Tennessee feel, with the a unique sound. Unlike many others of his generation, Johnson has a raw talent for music. He plays numerous instruments, writes his own music and has a voice […]

Mark Mathews – Misspent Future


Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has a unique sound that truly blends the genres of folk and garage-rock.  His EP from earlier this year, titled “Misspent Future,” features Mathews sounding like a rockabilly band on songs like “London Lives,” but indie-rock on “The Girl” and “Someone.”