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Evan Taylor Jones – The Sunray Sessions

Photo: Angē Inez

The moment I began listening to “The Sunray Sessions,” Evan Taylor Jones’ newest EP, I traveled back in time. Decades were rewound and I found myself simultaneously in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I saw visions of James Brown, the Jackson 5, and many other masters of the soul genre. Some I recognized, others I […]

The Joint


Classic rock is typically a favorite genre of many people. The trouble is that “classic” begins to sound dated, so you’re left wanting a new band with that classic rock sound. The Joint’s latest album “Bitter Sweet” has that classic rock sound, but is an active, very much alive band that helps remind us that […]

The Bash Dogs


There are bands that take classic rock and follow it by the book. Ironically, this is the epitome of what rock stands against – the anthem is do your own thing and forget what anyone else thinks. Then, there are bands who take classic rock and add their own spin. They have fast paced, make-you-move […]

The Liberty Underground – Three Feet From Gold


There’s a ridiculous amount of pop-something in rock music. We’ve got pop-punk, pop-rock, garage rock and pop-folk-fusion-or-whatever-they-come-up-with-next. Not that I have anything against pop-everything, but that is 100% not The Liberty Underground. The Liberty Underground is pure rock and roll, so grab their album Three Feet From Gold to get your all rock fix.