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Robert Hunter – Afterglow


I was only introduced to Robert Hunter’s unique country/alt-rock sound a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve already developed a connection to his music. The American singer-songwriter has released two EPs so far – Outta My Mind and Afterglow. As much as the first of the two was filled with tight sounds and romantic lyrics, […]

Robert Hunter – Outta My Mind


Robert Hunter is a Nashville based singer-songwriter and poet. The singer is due to release a new album, Afterglow, on February 24th. If you don’t know a whole lot about Hunter, I’d suggest giving his current stuff a listen to prep yourself for the upcoming release. His EP Outta My Mind does a great job […]

Keeton Coffman – Killer Eyes


I’ve mentioned before that my favorite music genre is rock and roll, though if I had to pick a least favorite, it would absolutely be country. I mean no disrespect to anyone who enjoys the genre, but I’ve always felt like every country song is the exact same, typically involving a girl, some beer, or […]



I dare you not to dance. “Addictable” by Giulia is a recent addition to the female pop revolution, and its infectious sound hypnotizes you, bringing you to your feet by the first chorus. This hidden gem is the latest in this Italian singer’s journey to stardom, and an instant love of mine.

Skunkmello – Hot Chicken


Photo: AJ Ferrer The term “Urban Cowboys” seems appropriate when describing the NYC outfit known as Skunkmello. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I doubt that there are more than enough country and southern rock acts calling the vast metropolis home. It’s just that the genre in this location appears largely unnoticed and its […]

Between Your Teeth


Between Your Teeth is a band that is “inspired by many different styles of punk rock, old and new, [there] is also a large influence of late 70’s rock and roll and twangy ass country music,” according to their “About” section on Facebook, which is usually and unfortunately unreliable. So, here’s the big but – […]