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R. Missing – Unsummering


There’s really not a lot out there about R. Missing, a band who lists their band members as “She Missing” and “He Missing” on their Facebook page. All I can really say is that they apparently want to fight you.

Matinee – Satellite


London based four-piece, Matinee, released their single Satellite back in October. Luigi Tiberio (vocals, synth and guitar), Alfredo Ioannone (vocals and bass), Giuseppe Cantoli (guitars) and Alessio Palizzi (drums) are the four dudes responsible for The Killers-sounding track. They’re also Italian, if you couldn’t guess.

The Blet Project – Eight Till Ten


It seems like there’s a shortage of funk-electronic bands in the world outside of Daft Punk and a few choice songs by a artists here and there. Then, in steps Scottish four-piece The Blet Project.

Sam Louis

Photo: AJ Astle Photography

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sam Louis has had a passion for music for basically his entire life. At 12 years old he began singing and developed a love for pop music – writing songs and performing at events around his hometown. Not only is Sam passionate about music, but he is also […]

They Called Him Zone – Miami

They Called Him Zone

They Called Him Zone’s new EP “Miami” gives you a glimpse at the underground music of the 21st century. The fast paced techno feel makes you think you’re signing up for a rave while the dark feel behind the scenes creeps up as the song continues. “Miami” turns techno into a hypnotic backdrop for any […]

Qualia – Triptych

Qualia - Triptych

“Qualia,” in Philosophy, refers to the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena. How appropriate for a band that is so incredibly stimulating that you don’t know whether to dance, air drum or just jump up and down when you listen to them. 

Lavoy EP


Listening to an album is like listening to a story. Listening to an EP is like listening to a short story. Listening to Lavoy’s EP is like listening to a short story that you wish would have been a series of novels. In three short songs, you get the idea, but you’re just left hoping […]