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The Minerals

The Minerals

It’s not often that bands will incorporate acoustic guitars with bravado drum beats, but that’s exactly what British rockers The Minerals have combined on the self-titled debut.

The Deadline Shakes – Zealots

The Deadline Shakes

One of my favourite genres of music is folk. I think this is mostly because it’s a genre that is usually pretty simplistic and pure, but can be either incredibly exciting and upbeat or really mellow and beautiful. You can’t always get both of those things in one genre.  The Deadline Shakes aren’t pure folk, […]

Ben Caplan – Birds With Broken Wings

Ben Caplan

Three years ago I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and what I was most excited to discover about my new home was how diverse the local music scene is. Halifax only has half a million people in it and some of my favourite concert venues obviously can’t compete with the likes of those in Toronto […]



Vladopus9 may not have much publicity, but for anyone into folk music they’re a pretty good find. With their duet, comprised only of the vocals of Lisa Rau and the acoustic guitar played by Joseph Page, they have a raw sound backed by a soft strum. Vladopus9 is unlike the generic so-called band, with no […]



Have you ever met someone whose personality you just can’t figure out? Let’s say you have a close friend who you feel like you know completely. Then, he or she reveals some hidden talent or alternate personality, changing your viewpoint of the person you thought you knew so well. It’s new, but that doesn’t mean […]

Gareth Dunlop

Gareth Dunlop

I never heard a singer whose songs caused me to tap my foot and smile, then slump my shoulders as my head droops and several tears splash onto my jeans. That is, until I listened to Gareth Dunlop. An artist and songwriter from Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, Dunlop has created a medley of songs in […]

A Chat with Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews

Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has been playing music for about nine years and released a handful of EPs since 2008. He’s currently working on his debut album in London where he plays a blend of folk and indie-pop at concert gigs and for commuters in the Underground. 

Mark Mathews – Misspent Future


Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has a unique sound that truly blends the genres of folk and garage-rock.  His EP from earlier this year, titled “Misspent Future,” features Mathews sounding like a rockabilly band on songs like “London Lives,” but indie-rock on “The Girl” and “Someone.”

Georgia Sound – “Love Can Change”


The masterminds behind Georgia Sound, Ryan Roy and Shannon Magee, have emotion driven vocals and lyrics paired with guitars and piano lines that bring just enough pop to those words. There’s a fine (weird) line for folk music. One too many banjos and suddenly it becomes country – no, hillbilly – music and for many, all interest […]

What Goes Into “The Woods”: An Interview with Kollin Baer


Last week we introduced you to singer/songwriter Kollin Baer. His album “The Woods” gave us a taste of some new folk music that kind of left us wanting more, so we asked him about it. Read on to learn more about “The Woods” and what you can expect next from Baer.