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Kollin Baer – The Woods EP


A smoky room is thick and swarming with the humidity of underlying chatter. Purple, blue and a touch of soft yellow lights patch the stage littered with gear. In the center is Kollin Baer and his guitar. Baer’s EP “The Woods” sounds exactly the way this feels – warm and familiar, but still commanding attention.

Kosoti – Bark and Sticks


Folk inspired music can get dull and boring. There are artists that take that folk inspiration and turn it into something downright impressive. When that happens, folk music becomes fresh and modern. That is what Kosoti does in the newest single “Bark and Sticks.” It’s fresh, lightly inspired by folk music that’s just alternative enough.

Jimmy & The Revolvers – Whistle For My Love


There are two defining moments when you are the self-proclaimed biggest fan of your favorite band. One is the moment you discover “your” band. It’s the way poets have romanticized falling in love since the beginning of stories. There’s the instant of realization and the constant adoration that follows thereafter, playing an album on repeat. […]