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Fudakochi – Sound


“Soulternative” is a phrase not heard often in the music world, but thanks to Fudakochi’s latest EP “Sound,” that could change in the future.

Gorilla Tophat – Unnatural Habitat

GORILLA TOPHAT - 62969 - 01

Canada has never been known for producing jazz/funk bands, at least the average listener couldn’t name many, but the guys in Gorilla Tophat have brought the flavor of music down South from the Great White North on their debut LP “Unnatural Habitat.” 

Three Sheet – Heart to Make it Perfect


Three Sheet is a this super rare blend of funk, hip-hop and rock. That’s my interpretation, anyway. The band is so unique and complex that other people might be hearing something totally different than I am.

The Blet Project – Eight Till Ten


It seems like there’s a shortage of funk-electronic bands in the world outside of Daft Punk and a few choice songs by a artists here and there. Then, in steps Scottish four-piece The Blet Project.

Petya Dankova – Sweet or Bitter


Forget everything you know about Bulgarian-jazz-funk musicians and open your eyes and ears to Petya Dankova and the smooth sounds on her album “Sweet or Bitter.”

Piqued Jacks – Aerial Roots

Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks has added to the amazing culture we get to experience. The polychromatic funk/alt-rock band released their latest album “Aerial Roots,” comprised of all acoustic tracks. At first listen you’d think they were originally from the US, based on their sound, but their roots come from much farther away. Honestly, you’d never know the […]

Cave Mouth – Deep Water

Cave Mouth

Imagine rocking softly in a grunge bar and sipping on beer or shooting whiskey – that’s when you would hear Cave Mouth. The U.K. natives recently released a single called “Deep Water,” and before listening to it, I never thought the phrase “filthy-swamp-bluesy” would be considered when describing a band I listened to. Magnetic seems […]



Pop, rock and funk all have their individual  claims to fame. Pop has the catchy hooks, rock gives you the edge that pure pop is often missing and funk just makes you want to move. What happens when you combine all three? You get songs that you can sing along to with a little edge […]