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Three Dimensional Tanx – Attack


While the origins of the band itself date back to 16 years ago, the origins of the sound it subscribes to date back to more than 40 years ago. Three Dimensional Tanx is a psychedelic rock act from Lancaster, U.K. that has drawn comparisons to The Stooges, and MC5.  The new album, Attack, will be released […]

Jeff Wright – Kinky Rhino and Blue Man Group

Kinky Rhino

Kinky Rhino is a garage-rock band made up of Jeff Wright and some members of Blue Man Group. In a review of their newest single, I mentioned that their sound reminded me of that kid from my high school with the shaggy hair and leather cuff bracelets. The one that you just knew went home […]

Meadowhawks – Wild Suburbia

Meadowhawks Wild Suburbia

Sometimes when you haven’t gone to the grocery store in over a month, you end up taking a bunch of random ingredients from your fridge and pantry and just throwing it into a pot. Often, these meals turn out to be surprisingly delicious and eventually become staples in your recipe book. That’s kind of how […]

Hot Wives – This Man Refused To Open His Eyes


Atlanta band Hot Wives are what I like to call accessible punk. They’ve got a raw, energetic sound, but not too distorted for the general public to enjoy. The album This Man Refused To Open His Eyes is what you get when a garage band has a better ear for production.