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MILLION – The smallest Creature


Doing anything objectively can be tough for human beings. We will always have underlying opinions about things like politics, pop culture, social media and music – along with just about everything else. Those opinions may accidentally sneak to the surface of any seemingly objective decision or review, but I do my best to prevent that […]

Pet Clinic – Sick Witch


Is bedtime not the best time? That seems to be the case for the guys in Pet Clinic.

Kinky Rhino – Garage Roque

Kinky Rhino

The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to anything by Kinky Rhino is that kid from my high school with the shaggy hair and leather cuff bracelets. The one that you just knew went home at 3:00pm everyday and plugged his guitar into his amp and rocked until his mom made him […]

Mark Mathews – Misspent Future


Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has a unique sound that truly blends the genres of folk and garage-rock.  His EP from earlier this year, titled “Misspent Future,” features Mathews sounding like a rockabilly band on songs like “London Lives,” but indie-rock on “The Girl” and “Someone.”



People often associate punk rock with thrashing about and sticking a finger to the Man. The actual musicianship seems to be put to the side in an unfortunate event. However, this doesn’t apply to punk band Torcido. They’ve got a more quiet thrash about them – a thrash that’s even a bit haunting.