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Good Charlotte Is Back and I Need a Moment

Good Charlotte

In case you hadn’t heard (but you have heard because you don’t live under a rock), Good Charlotte is making a return. They released their newest song “Makeshift Love” with a lyric video and an actual music video (not that lyric videos aren’t legit; I’d just rather see their smiling faces).  

The Madden Brothers – We Are Done


Before you piss and moan (heh) about more Good Charlotte, just know that the Madden Brothers sound nothing like Good Charlotte. (Yes, they are the same vocalists, so they technically sound the same, but I’m talking overall style). As an avid GC fan, it was a bittersweet moment to admit that this hiatus and side […]

#PWYM Module 2


With recognition added to our tool belts, Module 2 helped us continue to build that skill along with adding a little practice in structure. Here we not only continued analyzing sound, but we also figured out how sound is put together and what that is called. I also like to call this section “I Can’t […]

#PWYM Module 1

This is what "East Coast Anthem" looks like to me.

In order to begin our first assignment, the lovely people at Play With Your Music decided to first equip us with short, yet informative videos to help kick start our brains into critical listening. How kind. It’s almost as if they knew we’d be lost little sheep needing guidance. “HELP, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO […]