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Cold Summer – Fight to Survive


It’s not always easy to dive into certain musical genres, especially if the type is loud, erratic, spacy or just plain odd. Some folks need a gateway artist for this sort of thing. For those looking to venture into the realm of Post Hardcore, Cold Summer is an ample act to start.

Darko – Bonsai Mammoth


Punk music has been a staple of the rock scene for nearly 50 years, with the hardcore subgenre forming and coming into its own in the last 25. Now Darko have their own take to add with their album “Bonsai Mammoth.”

Japam – How’s My EP?


Have you ever come across a band so odd that it left you dumbfounded? I could think of a few: Primus, Faith No More, Tool, and Japam. Who’s Japam? Well, let me explain.

Inherit the Stars – Fortune Favours the Brave

Inherit the Stars - Fortune Favours the Brave

Hardcore rockers Inherit the Stars blend industrial synths with double kicks and blood curdling screams on their new single “Fortune Favours the Brave.”

Great Falls – The Fever Shed

Great Falls The Fever Shed

If you were to ask me to sum up the music of the Seattle trio known as Great Falls in one word, it would be brutal. The new album, The Fever Shed is no exception. In fact, it’s the musical equivalent of being hit with a ton of bricks. Released in November 2015, this unforgiving […]

Comb the Desert – Humannoyed


Punk is the kind of music that makes you flail your fists and want to break out of the prison known as your parents’ basement. The trend continues with Comb the Desert and their debut EP “Humannoyed.” 

Let’s Talk Daggers – A Beautiful Life

Let's Talk Daggers

The recent album by Let’s Talk Daggers is definitely for the strange and untamed mind. The newly released songs are a hardcore punk guilty pleasure that give you an idea of what a psychedelic freakout might feel like. Listening to the 12 songs will leave you intrigued, a bit frightened, and not knowing whether you […]

The Used and Taking Back Sunday Live


What happens when you sell out a show at the Warfield? San Francisco warmly welcomes you into her clutches with spilled beer, puffs of smoke and crowd surfers throwing up the middle finger as if saying, “Yes, please continue to rock.” Opening bands Sleepwave (former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain’s project) and Tonight Alive both warmed […]