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The Broken Saints – Life Sentences

The Broken Saints - Life Sentences

As someone who grew up on a small island known for folk and Celtic music, I felt an immediate connection to The Broken Saints. Their sound, although still developing and growing I think, features a lot of the similarities of the folky music that reminds me of my hometown.

Polaris Rose – Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies

Polaris Rose

Polaris Rose brings you the latest in their long line of epic feel-good tracks with their album “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies.” This upbeat, sort-of indie album gives you the high of freedom you so desperately crave.

Youth Hostel – Out of My Mouth

Youth Hostel

Indie-pop bands are so fun. They can have so many different vibes from mellow pop to incredibly enticing and upbeat. One of the most important things indie-pop bands should have, though, is probably a catchy melody – the type that you hum for 20 minutes after the song has ended. Youth Hostel definitely has this […]

The Jet Reds – On and On & Time to Fly

The Jet Reds

Craig Redpath (singer/rhythm guitar), Russ Vasey (bass/backing vocals), Dan Richards (lead guitar) and Jack Pearson (drums) come together to create a band from Newcastle that delivers a unique brand of indie-rock. The band, known as The Jet Reds, have similarities to bands like Oasis and Kasabian. While I can’t truly say I’m a fan of […]

Øyvind Weiseth – Hold On

Øyvind Weiseth

Many people say there is no more originality, especially in media. While I personally believe there are concepts we have yet to utilize, I will agree originality is hard to come by. Whenever I try to create new characters and storylines, they remind me of people and plots from my favorite shows, books, and movies. […]

Winter 1982 – Worry

Winter 1982 Worry

The first thing I said when I listened to Worry by Winter 1982 was, “YES!” This was my initial reaction for a number of reasons, but mostly  because I was listening to alternative folk – a genre that I love but that isn’t found easily as it’s easy for an alt-folk song to become just […]

Only Shadows – We Go Further

Only Shadows

I am constantly amazed by how many musicians inhabit this world. Everywhere you look—from radio to television to the web—there are always plenty of artists and bands astounding audiences with their incredible music. This planet is overflowing with talent, especially in the music industry.

The Battles of Winter – Love’s White Thread

The Battles of Winter

I often wonder how many people actually know the lyrics to their favorite songs. Sure, it’s easy to memorize lyrics, but do you really know what they mean? And if you do, did you understand immediately what the song was trying to say?

Matt El – Your Town and You Plus Me


Indie-rocker Matt El has released a pair of singles so far this year, the poppy anthem of new beginnings with “My Town” and the more romantic duet of “You Plus Me.”

The Hotspur Press – All You Know

The Hotspur Press

Indie-pop or Indie-rock or Indie-anything is such a catch all phrase these days when it comes to describing artists’ style, but most people know exactly what an “Indie” band sounds like, making it up to the artists to stake their own claim. English rockers from Manchester, The Hotspur Press and their new single “All You […]