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Trombley Bay

Trombley Bay

What’s better than jamming and listening to killer tunes with some of your best friends? Probably nothing. Similar to bands like Kings of Leon and The Hives, Trombley Bay was formed by three life-long friends in 2009. When Jared Munday, Joey McLane and Josh Moore recruited pianist Karl Fielden and percussionist Joseph Giacoppelli, the Atlanta, […]

Gloria Kim – Writing, Faith and Music

Gloria Kim

Pop artist Gloria Kim is attempting to climb the Top 40 charts by releasing her music and her brand anywhere it can be posted. Recording in Los Angeles, but currently residing in Nashville, the young Kim has been writing and performing music since she could pick up a pencil. Her first single, “Oh, Honey,” was […]

Orbit Monkey


Using the word “radio” in any description of a band should be used cautiously. It tends to draw up ideas of mediocrity or being generic. This is especially true of people who dissect rock music. However, there are the bands that have made this less of  a stigma. They’ve made us realize that commercial sounding […]