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Earworm 9/30/14

Earworm 9.30.14

Here are some new-ish songs that are little earworms for us. Over and over again, this is what we hear all day. Enjoy!

New Music Review


We post a lot of new music. So, we’ve summed up the last few weeks of new music in this one handy playlist. (The ones that are on Spotify, anyway). Check out our New Music Review playlist here.

The Madden Brothers – We Are Done


Before you piss and moan (heh) about more Good Charlotte, just know that the Madden Brothers sound nothing like Good Charlotte. (Yes, they are the same vocalists, so they technically sound the same, but I’m talking overall style). As an avid GC fan, it was a bittersweet moment to admit that this hiatus and side […]