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Metric Live


Metric was never on my list of must-see bands. Mostly because I couldn’t understand how they’d compare to their records because there are so many electronic/techno sounding songs. When I heard the band would be headlining a festival in my city, though, I couldn’t refrain from hitting up the waterfront to see just what Emily […]

Youth Hostel – Out of My Mouth

Youth Hostel

Indie-pop bands are so fun. They can have so many different vibes from mellow pop to incredibly enticing and upbeat. One of the most important things indie-pop bands should have, though, is probably a catchy melody – the type that you hum for 20 minutes after the song has ended. Youth Hostel definitely has this […]

Sam GO – Gringo

Sam GO Gringo

What can I say about Sam GO? He’s definitely an interesting guy. He describes himself as a prematurely, cynical asshole, but his music couldn’t be anything further from that. It’s upbeat and fun and has some really fun beats that are easy to bounce around to.