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SLF & Co. – No Beats in Algebra


Collaborations in music are usually exciting for everyone involved. The listeners experience something they may not have heard otherwise, and the artists get to stretch their artistic legs and that’s what we have with SLF & Co.’s upcoming collaboration album “No Beats in Algebra” from Milky Bomb Records.



At Creative Control, we’re all about covering the unknown and unsigned. During my time here I’ve reviewed plenty of largely unnoticed musicians both domestic and foreign. For me personally, when it comes to those acts with the highest levels of obscurity, Ragweed takes the cake thus far.

Simon Fairchild Interview


A number of people—myself included—question the sanity of artists such as Lady Gaga, especially when she decides to trounce around in food-based clothing. However, what happens when a band decides to take it one step further, creating a musical style that can only be described as “Meat Rock?”  Sheer awesomeness.  Simon Fairchild, master rocker from […]