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Emerald Portal – All the Running


I used to hate when people would describe something as a “feel good” song, movie, etc. I felt like it was lazy and too subjective. However, after watching Emerald Portal’s video for All the Running, I kind of get it. Just like those heartwarming commercials that make you want to adopt all of the dogs, […]

Deepshade – Time


Does anything truly shock us anymore? In the age of Internet, it’s doubtful. It seems that every form of taboo imaginable has already been covered in the entertainment industry in some form. Still, it takes guts to challenge religion, and from what I can gather, Deepshade’s video for Time does exactly that.

Circle of Reason – Questions

Circle of Reason

Seeing the new video for Circle of Reason’s Questions may leave you with your own set of inquiries. The recently released single from the upcoming album Faith or Theory (due out May 27th) is accompanied with a video that is vague both visually and in the sense of its meaning. The song starts abruptly, seemingly […]

Come the Spring – 24

Come The Spring

Imagery is key in music. Whenever I listen to a song, I close my eyes and create scenes in my head. Sometimes, I’ll put myself on stage with the band, jamming out on the guitar or vocals. If the song’s lyrics depict a story, I’ll make myself one of the characters, involving myself in whatever […]