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Turning Music Making into a Daily Habit


Each songwriter has their own strategies for working on their craft; some like to work in a certain environment, and others can only work at a certain time of the day as their productively levels decrease as the night falls. Ideally, songwriting or production should be something that comes naturally to us on a daily […]

Music and Money with David Adams

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Most of the time when people think or rock stars or rap gods they think about the fancy cars and clothes and boats, worth hundreds of thousands, that get taken out once a year. But all these expensive items of luxury come with taxes, bookkeeping and (in the case of MC Hammer) bankruptcy. Independent financial […]

Love music? We want you to write about it.


Creative Control Magazine is an independent, music-centric online magazine looking to expand. Right now, we need writers who are looking to gain some experience finding your voices as you write about someone else’s.

The Loft Sound Studio


We tend to focus on up and coming artists here. Sure, we’ll have the occasional big name, but we tend to pay favoritism toward new, developing artists. Another like-minded group would be the people behind The Loft Sound Studio in Plainview, New York. Owners Donnie Klang and Matthew LaPorte have created an all-in-one production and […]

Blunda – Messages EP


There’s a time and a place for ’80s synthesized rock. This is primarily in John Hughes movies, proms that happened in the ’80s and when that one guy who decides to play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the bar’s jukebox. To everyone who was born after the ’80s synth power balads, these songs are beginning […]

Oh My Heart


Oh My Heart could be the face of current pop-punk. The band lists Paramore, Alkaline Trio and The Strokes as major influences, which is exactly what you find in Oh My Heart.

Stus Rollins


Stus Rollins is one of those rare instrumentalists that understands how people listen to music. With a lot of instrumental rock, my impression is that guitarists like to show off their technical skill. Rollins shows his ability for writing and playing, but makes it enjoyable to hear. 

The Hawthorne Effect


I was not sold the first time I listened to “Drunk Mistake” by The Hawthorne Effect. While I appreciated the very classic rock ‘n’ roll heavy hitting distorted guitar chords as an intro, lead singer John Jauch’s voice sounded a little too Daughtry for me. It had that kind of throaty, gentle growl that honestly sounded […]

Chill – A Playlist


Usually, I’m able to sleep and medicate myself through cold and flu season with little difficulty. However, this time was a little different. I came home from an amazing trip to Japan where we saw tons of fantastic bands and I immediately took to what I’m calling the Cough of Doom. Between worrying about how […]

The Fourth & King – Words & Stories


Melodies attack from all corners. The guitar tone is a perfect mix of gruff distortion and playful riffs. The drums are lively and they drop out in all the right places. With The Fourth and King, you have plenty of lyrics to sing along to and lose your heart in. I prefer my music with […]