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Metric Live


Metric was never on my list of must-see bands. Mostly because I couldn’t understand how they’d compare to their records because there are so many electronic/techno sounding songs. When I heard the band would be headlining a festival in my city, though, I couldn’t refrain from hitting up the waterfront to see just what Emily […]

They Called Him Zone – Miami

They Called Him Zone

They Called Him Zone’s new EP “Miami” gives you a glimpse at the underground music of the 21st century. The fast paced techno feel makes you think you’re signing up for a rave while the dark feel behind the scenes creeps up as the song continues. “Miami” turns techno into a hypnotic backdrop for any […]

Teribal Anamal – New Creature


Some of the best shows are the ones least expected to be so. There are the bands you happen upon accidentally. You end up in some dive with strong drinks and an even stronger sound guy. As the band takes the stage, you hear a random guitar chord, a stray bass line and a couple […]