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Daniel Tortoledo – Dark Times


I’m always amazed by a person’s songwriting ability. It doesn’t matter the genre. To me, songwriting is an astounding and baffling talent that’s ten times more amazing than any technology humans have developed. I’ve been trying to figure out how to piece together a complete song for years and I’ve always wondered where the ideas […]

Parlour Tricks – (what i think about when i think about) BODIES


Earlier in October, the band Parlour Tricks announced that they were calling it quits. Though not quite a household name just yet, the band had picked up some steam over the last couple of years – especially on the New York music scene. Their gritty yet romantic sound is a nice break from some of […]

BRAEVES – Bitter Sea


Sometimes pop music gets a bad rap from music lovers because it’s considered mainstream and thus all pop artists are apparently the same. I’ll agree with the critics to some degree, a lot of pop tunes do sound very similar. LA/NY based quartet, BRAEVES, is redefining pop music with a bit of an indie twist.

The Killing Floor


What makes The Killing Floor an amazing band is the fact that it exists because of an unlikely meeting between brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici of London and Marco Argiro of New York. These guys met at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in 2009. They decided to form a band after they realized […]

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Retrospective


New York City in the 90s was forever changed when hip-hop took off a veil of party anthems, and traded them for a microphone bought at the Goodwill and used pantyhose as a pop filter. Queensbridge duo, Mobb Deep and their 1995 album “The Infamous” joined the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy as […]

Of Clocks and Clouds: Origins & New Music

Photo: Mats Bakken

Of Clocks and Clouds is made up of two guys from Brooklyn – Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio. The duo has managed to create a sound that is similar to some of my favourites, The Black Keys and TV on the Radio, but has its own unique twist. Proving that they’re not a one-trick pony, […]

Sarah Khan – The Mind Behind the Voice

Sarah Khan

It is one thing to hear an artist singing on their albums, but it’s another thing entirely to have a conversation with that artist. Last week, I discussed New York pop singer Sarah Khan. I praised her powerful singing voice, with its powerful, mesmerizing charms. However, this week I received the chance to talk to […]

Emily McNally – Singing, Songwriting and Marvel

Emily McNally

Some of you may remember a couple weeks ago when I reviewed New York artist Emily McNally’s EP, “Small Town.” It was an amazing group of songs from an extremely talented artist. You can imagine how stoked I was, however, when I was given the opportunity to chat with Miss McNally. I enjoyed her EP […]

The Black Atlas – Equinox

The Black Atlas

The best kind of art is the kind that you don’t understand. Well, the only true art is not understood. A form of art that is completely understood is just a more creative form of direct communication. Yes, it’s true that even if the art is easily digestible, most people don’t truly understand what it’s […]

Emily McNally – Small Town EP

Emily McNally

There is a limit to how much digital editing is needed in music, but have we surpassed that limit? As technology continues to improve, audio editing software is being used more and more. YouTube alone is filled with millions of dubstep videos, both original tracks and older songs electronically edited. You hear teens and young […]