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The Jet Reds – On and On & Time to Fly

The Jet Reds

Craig Redpath (singer/rhythm guitar), Russ Vasey (bass/backing vocals), Dan Richards (lead guitar) and Jack Pearson (drums) come together to create a band from Newcastle that delivers a unique brand of indie-rock. The band, known as The Jet Reds, have similarities to bands like Oasis and Kasabian. While I can’t truly say I’m a fan of […]

A Chat with Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews

Singer-songwriter Mark Mathews has been playing music for about nine years and released a handful of EPs since 2008. He’s currently working on his debut album in London where he plays a blend of folk and indie-pop at concert gigs and for commuters in the Underground. 

King Kartel – “Come At Me Now”


King Kartel are a band from Northern Ireland and ran away from home. This, almost without argue, creates some of the best music. Their songs are alternative, indie inspired rock that almost require you to get up and move. Sure, there’s some pop influence there, too, but these guys are creating an legendary sound with […]

The Watanabes – Draw What You Like EP


There’s a reason why we still talk about The Beatles today. Whether it’s the song writing or the instrumentation that hooks you, those reasons stand strong. There’s room for that kind of pop. With The Watanabes’ “Draw What You Like” EP, it’s time to give your copy of the “White Album” a little break and dive […]