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Bellringer – Jettison


Being the former bass player for The Melvins is enough to earn you a lifetime of credibility as a musician.  But Mark Deutrom is that and much more, serving as producer on The Melvins’ earliest LPs and the Pain of Mind album by Neurosis in the late ‘80s. He has also released five solo albums […]

They Called Him Zone – Miami

They Called Him Zone

They Called Him Zone’s new EP “Miami” gives you a glimpse at the underground music of the 21st century. The fast paced techno feel makes you think you’re signing up for a rave while the dark feel behind the scenes creeps up as the song continues. “Miami” turns techno into a hypnotic backdrop for any […]



Reviewing KinZie was a tough job for me. While listening to their EP, Young Vagabonds, I found myself going back and forth between really digging what I was hearing and wanted to hit the skip button. The EP jumps between metal sounds and more punk-rock sounds, leaving me wondering which direction the band might go […]

Band of Heads – “The Hill”


When comparing current musical talents to the classics, one must be careful when connecting similar styles. Public opinion tends to take on a life of its own as the verbal food fight commences over what band sounds like which classic genius. Band of Heads is bound to have a few people talking about it.

Atrocity Exhibition – Year One


New York has been long known for its music. In the city that never sleeps, you might as well go see all the live music you can. Atrocity Exhibition is a monthly show at The Cobra Club in Brooklyn. It’s a one stop shop for all things – coffee, yoga and music. The Atrocity Exhibition […]

Wizard Farm


Their hometown is listed as Imagination Land and with a name like Wizard Farm, you might expect this collective to sound like the music accompanying unicorns and hobbits frolicking about together. Well, that’s not exactly what the sound like… Unless the hobbits have mohawks and the unicorns are pierced & tattooed. 

LAZYFLUX – Master Craftsmen

Back Camera

Generally, trip rock is only designed to listen to while you’re on something. This is unfortunate because sometimes that music is actually really good. However, if you’re sober, it’s tedious. The songs tend to be long, a little slow moving and just confusing. If only there were some bands who could take the best of […]