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Bellringer – Jettison


Being the former bass player for The Melvins is enough to earn you a lifetime of credibility as a musician.  But Mark Deutrom is that and much more, serving as producer on The Melvins’ earliest LPs and the Pain of Mind album by Neurosis in the late ‘80s. He has also released five solo albums […]

Ok Robot – What’s Your Reason for Existing?


Punk is known for songs barely clocking in over two minutes and using guitar solos as sparingly as a nun would drink a bottle of Jack, but six-piece punk outfit Ok Robot has put that thought to bed on their LP “What’s your reason for Existing?”

The Strumms – Album of Un-American Activities

The Strumms Album Art

With the political divide in our country seemingly splitting farther and farther apart, The Strumms are calling it like it is, no holds barred, on their new album “Album of Un-American Activities.”

The Fontaines – II

The Fontaines

The Fontaines, a brother-sister duo hailing from Los Angeles, have crafted a sound that’s part twee, punk and, most importantly, fun on their new EP “II.”

3 Kisses – Cardboard Cutouts

3 Kisses

Prolific, energetic, brash. These are just a few words to describe the punk act known as 3 Kisses.



Reviewing KinZie was a tough job for me. While listening to their EP, Young Vagabonds, I found myself going back and forth between really digging what I was hearing and wanted to hit the skip button. The EP jumps between metal sounds and more punk-rock sounds, leaving me wondering which direction the band might go […]

The Flux Machine – Love and Affection

The Flux Machine

Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that every band can only play songs in a single genre. Once a band chooses a genre—say rock, pop, or rap—they have to stick with that type. That’s what those people believe, anyway. Personally, I am against this opinion. After writing for Creative Control for […]

Black Friday Death Count – Front Toward Enemy

Black Friday Death Count

What kind of music do you get from a middle-aged dad whose curt sounding punk songs can be heard coming from a barn in Pennsylvania? You get Black Friday Death Count from Line Lexington, Pa. The trio released its latest EP Front Toward Enemy in June 2015, making it the fourth EP release from the […]

Comb the Desert – Humannoyed


Punk is the kind of music that makes you flail your fists and want to break out of the prison known as your parents’ basement. The trend continues with Comb the Desert and their debut EP “Humannoyed.” 

Oranj Son – Psycho Disco Face

Oranj Son

What do you get when you mix the psychedelic sounds of a post-modern British band and the soundtracks to our favorite ‘80s movies? That would be the Liverpool born band, Oranj Son. This four piece band, who describes themselves as “psych punk,” is making music that will one day be called our generation’s “classics.” This […]