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The Strumms

The Strumms

Finding great bands to listen to around the country or world is always exciting, but when they’re right next door that makes it even better. The Strumms is a band filled with a political punk spirit who sprouted up in Nashville, TN. Since they’re somewhat new, their song choice is limited to a few. If […]

Between Your Teeth


Between Your Teeth is a band that is “inspired by many different styles of punk rock, old and new, [there] is also a large influence of late 70’s rock and roll and twangy ass country music,” according to their “About” section on Facebook, which is usually and unfortunately unreliable. So, here’s the big but – […]

Rancid & Transplants – A Reflection


San Francisco’s Warfield hosted two nights of Rancid and the Transplants. For Tim Armstrong, this meant playing two sets per night. These weren’t just “we feel like doing a tour” shows, these were Rancid’s 20th anniversary tour shows that they ended in two nights back home in the Bay Area.