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Big Sean – I Decided


Big Sean, striking while his iron is hot, dropped his new album “I Decided” on the heels of 2015’s “Dark Sky Paradise.” Sean, while never the biggest name in hip-hop, looks to cement his legacy after last year’s “I Don’t Fuck with You” from “Paradise.”

Bling Era Playlist


Rappers have arguably the biggest egos of anyone in the music industry, at least between the late 90s to mid 2000s when “Bling Rap” was at its peak. Entire songs centered around how big your car’s rims were, how much your pinky ring was valued and even about how much money you could invest in […]

Forty EightOh – 40


Trap music has burst onto the music scene over the last few years, adding heavier bass, quick metronome snaps and hazardously sharp snares to this sub-genre of hip-hop. Arizona based duo Forty EighOh are adding their own take on Trap with their EP “40.” 

SLF & Co. – No Beats in Algebra


Collaborations in music are usually exciting for everyone involved. The listeners experience something they may not have heard otherwise, and the artists get to stretch their artistic legs and that’s what we have with SLF & Co.’s upcoming collaboration album “No Beats in Algebra” from Milky Bomb Records.

Fire From the Gods – Narrative


Rap-metal is something of a mixed bag as a sub-genre. Sometimes you’ll get bands like Rage Against the Machine who blend rock power chords and hip-hop delivery for a unique and special sound, and then there’s Limp Bizkit. But now that the genre has become dormant since the early 2000s the guys of Fire From […]

Cecil Otter – Dead Echo EP


Calling a genre indie-hip-hop feels like a bit of an oxymoron, but that’s the best way to describe Minnesotan rapper/producer Cecil Otter and his EP “Dear Echo.”

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Retrospective


New York City in the 90s was forever changed when hip-hop took off a veil of party anthems, and traded them for a microphone bought at the Goodwill and used pantyhose as a pop filter. Queensbridge duo, Mobb Deep and their 1995 album “The Infamous” joined the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy as […]

Blueprint – Vigilante Genesis


You can tell a lot about a hip-hop artist when the first beat of their first song kicks in. Rapper/producer Blueprint starts his new EP “Vigilante Genesis” with the sound of a spray can rattling and being used before the lull of a distorted bass starts humming. Immediately you get the sense that this won’t […]

Official Burnt Toast – Money as Debt and Hi Time

Official Burnt Toast

Rap is already considered to be poetry set to music, but Londoners Official Burnt Toast take that idea to a simpler form with their spoken word songs. 

Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa

Everyone loves a good party. The room is filled with friends talking and laughing. Tabletops are covered with every food imaginable. Maybe a few fireworks are shot off. If the host is prepared and people come, it’s likely to be a blast. However, to hold a successful party, you need loud, invigorating music that will […]