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Fused By Defiance Has a Message to Spread

Fused By Defiance

You know that action scene where the bad guys are getting some major butt-kickage? That’s where you’d hear Fused By Defiance’s, “Hollywood Hold Up.” The hard rock sound is reminiscent of the age of rock’n’roll and a talented addition to the new wave of metal rap springing up. 

The Dread


The best soundtracks ever made are from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. The skating culture has blended rap, rock, hip-hop and reggae to give kids something to skate to and the music itself is breeding a culture. The Dread is a group out of the East Coast hip-hop and rock genre heavily geared toward […]

The Talks – Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves


There are few things more fun than ska. It actually makes you move like pop often claims to do, but it’s got the edge of rock ‘n’ roll and sometimes the chill of reggae. It’s a versatile type of music never leaving you bored. Even better is when a band plays up these differences and […]

Sono Vero


If there was one sound of summer, it would be Sono Vero. If a boy band met a reggae band and decided to have some summer love child, it would be Sono Vero. This is the music for bonfires on the beach, driving down Highway 101 and various other activities you’d find in those ads […]