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Dia – Tiny Ocean EP


Sound is everything when it comes to music. Any artist can put together a compelling group of lyrics, designed to change the way we view life, but if it’s not sung with appealing instrumentals, nobody will listen to it. For example, if you’re singing KISS’s “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night,” you can’t pair […]

Glenn Smyth – A Sense of Freedom EP


I love albums that delve into deeper truths. If a group of songs with an established theme can cause me to stop and think, then I love it even more. Whenever we break out of our pre-established mindsets, we discover more about ourselves and the life we’re living. For example, do we truly know what […]

Molly Warburton – Not Your Enemy


It is rare to see a positive break-up song. After all, the term “break-up” has a bitter taste, conjoined with images depicting people who stalk an ex’s Facebook page and wish suffering upon them. I realize there are many bad splits, but I also know some couples can civilly end a relationship. The two realize […]

Jerad Finck


I never expected to hear the word “flamethrower” in a pop song. Usually, the pop genre’s terminology consists of phrases such as “baby” or “sorry.” However, it’s hard to see the usual with a man like Jerad Finck. 

Julia Louise – Shock Therapy

Julia Louise

Listening to a new artist is like reading a new book series. When you turn to the first page, you don’t know anything about the main character or the author who created him or her. You have no idea what kind of hero you’ll be following or what life they live. You can read the […]

Niamh Crowther EP

Niamh Crowther

At 23, I’m astounded by today’s youth. People even younger than me have accomplished so much in the few years they’ve lived in this world. One friend of mine spent this past school year hosting a charity ball, planning an art show, made a 35 on his ACT, and is even looking at colleges. He’s […]

Sarah Khan – The Mind Behind the Voice

Sarah Khan

It is one thing to hear an artist singing on their albums, but it’s another thing entirely to have a conversation with that artist. Last week, I discussed New York pop singer Sarah Khan. I praised her powerful singing voice, with its powerful, mesmerizing charms. However, this week I received the chance to talk to […]

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

If I had to pick the most powerful instrument in the world, it would be the human voice. Guitars and drums are great, but a person’s voice has so much more potential. It has such a wide range and it is different for every person. It can cause tears, smiles, and laughter. But even if […]

Emily McNally – Singing, Songwriting and Marvel

Emily McNally

Some of you may remember a couple weeks ago when I reviewed New York artist Emily McNally’s EP, “Small Town.” It was an amazing group of songs from an extremely talented artist. You can imagine how stoked I was, however, when I was given the opportunity to chat with Miss McNally. I enjoyed her EP […]

Music and Money with David Adams

David Adams Logo

Most of the time when people think or rock stars or rap gods they think about the fancy cars and clothes and boats, worth hundreds of thousands, that get taken out once a year. But all these expensive items of luxury come with taxes, bookkeeping and (in the case of MC Hammer) bankruptcy. Independent financial […]