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Fudakochi – Sound


“Soulternative” is a phrase not heard often in the music world, but thanks to Fudakochi’s latest EP “Sound,” that could change in the future.

Fudakochi – Sounds From Alternative


Alternative and Soul aren’t exactly two genres that go together in a world where pop merges with hip-hop and blues melds into rock. But Fudakochi has brought the two together on his EP “Sounds From Alternative.”

Tameca Jones – Sandman


I had to fight the urge not to write this entire review in caps. I’m so unbelievably fired up about this song/video that I felt the only way to convey that was to type in caps lock and an abundance of fire emojis. I won’t do that though, because no one wants to feel like […]

Heirsound – Merge


Part witch-house, part pop-rock but all soul is what you’ll find on Heirsound’s debut EP “Merge.” The two-piece from New York by way of California comprised of lead vocalist Alexa San Román and Dane Petersen have crafted a sound of crashing cymbals blended with melodic guitar strings.

Evan Taylor Jones – The Sunray Sessions

Photo: Angē Inez

The moment I began listening to “The Sunray Sessions,” Evan Taylor Jones’ newest EP, I traveled back in time. Decades were rewound and I found myself simultaneously in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I saw visions of James Brown, the Jackson 5, and many other masters of the soul genre. Some I recognized, others I […]

The Real Tameca Jones

Tameca Jones

Something people do not know about me is that I am a fan of covers and fandubs. On my personal YouTube account, I have a playlist compiled of over a hundred tracks where YouTubers are singing their own versions of my favorite anime openings and endings. It’s hard to explain why I love them so […]

The Christians – We

The Christians - Rise

The United Kingdom may not be known for soul music, but The Christians from Liverpool, England are here to break that trend.  Founded in 1985 by three brothers, lead vocalist Garry Christian, the late instrumentalist Roger Christian and keyboardist/saxophone Russell Christian along with Henry Priestman, The Christians have been through line-up changes as well as […]

Gareth Dunlop

Gareth Dunlop

I never heard a singer whose songs caused me to tap my foot and smile, then slump my shoulders as my head droops and several tears splash onto my jeans. That is, until I listened to Gareth Dunlop. An artist and songwriter from Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, Dunlop has created a medley of songs in […]

Hibbity Dibbity – Debut Album


Aside from having the best band name, Hibbity Dibbity (just try saying that with an angry face) released their debut album just last month. The Bay Area band self-described as “psychedeliciousness” of the “West Coast Soul Butter” genre is honestly the best description for what Hibbity Dibbity sounds like.