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Three Dimensional Tanx – Attack


While the origins of the band itself date back to 16 years ago, the origins of the sound it subscribes to date back to more than 40 years ago. Three Dimensional Tanx is a psychedelic rock act from Lancaster, U.K. that has drawn comparisons to The Stooges, and MC5.  The new album, Attack, will be released […]

Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean


The Surf Rock era came and went as quickly as the 50s, and while there aren’t many attempts at reviving the genre, English rockers Sugarmen and their new single “Plastic Ocean” have plenty of beach vibes for a new era.   

Anaurac EP


You know how Justin Warfield, lead singer of She Wants Revenge, sounds robotic? There are two main reasons for that: 1). He doesn’t really sing all that often. It’s this monotone swing speaking, but his voice is manly enough that you actually want to hear it, and 2). It’s like the way he’s moving his mouth isn’t […]