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Sykoya – Your Silence


Synth-pop trio Sykoya are back with a follow up single to their EP from earlier this year “Strange Night,” titled “Your Silence.”

The Scheme – Dust

The Scheme

Your inner 16-year-old, boy band-loving dweeb will jump up and down when you hear this song. It has everything that a modern day pop song should have: love, adorable young male vocals and an uplifting chorus. If Dust by The Scheme isn’t already on the iPods of young girls everywhere, it will be sooner than […]

The Welcome Matt – POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE

The Welcome Matt

Using the 1980s as a source of inspiration is a tricky concept to master. You could get the person who refuses to let the ’80s die, relying only on that cliched syth-rock sound. They probably have big hair, too. However, you could get the person who has taken the best parts of the ’80s – […]

Friction Monster – Tantrum


Take the groovy, dancing guitars of the ’60s and ’70s, then pair that with the sing along ability of Weezer. Next, throw in some more synth and a constant, driving bass line. The end result is what we have found in Friction Monster’s album Tantrum. This is an album that gives you a mix of different styles […]

Lavoy EP


Listening to an album is like listening to a story. Listening to an EP is like listening to a short story. Listening to Lavoy’s EP is like listening to a short story that you wish would have been a series of novels. In three short songs, you get the idea, but you’re just left hoping […]