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The Strumms – Album of Un-American Activities

The Strumms Album Art

With the political divide in our country seemingly splitting farther and farther apart, The Strumms are calling it like it is, no holds barred, on their new album “Album of Un-American Activities.”

Q&A with Dalton Winfree of The Strumms

The Strumms

For those of you who caught the recent Strumms article, you might’ve turned right to YouTube to listen to the Nashville band. For those of you who didn’t, shame on you.  Just kidding.   If you haven’t given them a shot, you should. I was lucky enough to learn all about them in a short […]

The Strumms

The Strumms

Finding great bands to listen to around the country or world is always exciting, but when they’re right next door that makes it even better. The Strumms is a band filled with a political punk spirit who sprouted up in Nashville, TN. Since they’re somewhat new, their song choice is limited to a few. If […]