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Jared Mancuso – Superdope


Jared Mancuso is either Buddy Holly reincarnated or a musician born many years too late. He even has the look and the whole nine yards. He’s actually portrayed Holly as an actor and in his own tribute act called Not Fade Away.

Strangely Alright – Paint Outside the Lines

Strangely Alright

Alternative Rock has many different faces and styles, but the thing that all these artists have in common is that they try to break the normal conviction. In come the five-piece from Seattle, Strangely Alright. 

Friction Monster – Tantrum


Take the groovy, dancing guitars of the ’60s and ’70s, then pair that with the sing along ability of Weezer. Next, throw in some more synth and a constant, driving bass line. The end result is what we have found in Friction Monster’s album Tantrum. This is an album that gives you a mix of different styles […]