Tameca Jones – Sandman


I had to fight the urge not to write this entire review in caps. I’m so unbelievably fired up about this song/video that I felt the only way to convey that was to type in caps lock and an abundance of fire emojis. I won’t do that though, because no one wants to feel like they’re being yelled at.

Seriously though, Tameca Jones’ Sandman is the type of song that makes every single situation feel romantic and sultry and special. It’s nearly impossible not to close your eyes and sway to the soft guitar and Tameca’s smooth voice. Don’t close your eyes though, because the video is just as sexy and beautiful as the song itself.


Staged in a cottage-type atmosphere, the video for Sandman revolves around the love (or lost love or complicated love) of a couple. It’s a bluesy song, but the video travels through almost every emotion. Watching the characters fall for each other in an all-or-nothing type of way will give you butterflies in your stomach. Don’t get too attached to them though, because by the end of the video you’re furious at the thought of this potential love story ending badly.

It’s not just the storyline that I think people will love about this video; it’s just beautifully produced. The late summer vibe and the imperfect backgrounds help to create an extremely visually appealing three minutes and forty-nine seconds. Not to mention how dope Tameca looks in that plaid, t-shirt dress.


The retro style video is certainly becoming trendy again, but the fact that Tameca paired her blues/80s inspired soul sound with a video that features vintage cars and attire is so brilliant. It really transports you to the time of smoky bars with raspy, sultry voices bellowing from the stage.

The song and the video are just so saturated in emotion that you may have to actively pull yourself back into reality. Or be like me, and just sit in that misty cloud that is Sandman and watch the video over and over again.

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